Blueguards is the leading provider of Bluetooth security system both one-factor and two-factor authentication solutions to companies worldwide, with locations in the United States and Sweden. Incorporated in 2011 and led by industry experts, Blueguards™ provides the best in class security solutions to several industries such as Healthcare, Education, Financial Services, and Subscription Based Services. 

The flagship patented security solution, Blueguards(U.S. Patent #8,090,364),  offers strong authentication for enterprise and consumer applications. By leveraging a device every user already has, a mobile phone, the patented Blueguards™ security solution enables rapid deployment of Blueguards technology in cost-effective authentication.

Business idea 
Our business idea is to provide our clients with products and expert competence within IT and communication. 

Our vision is to create long-lasting business relationships and our objective is to work on the cutting-edge of technology to keep up with the time.